• FOT6481A Fusion splicer-06 Motor

FOT6481A Fusion splicer-06 Motor

FOT6481A Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer is small size optical fiber fusions splicer with 06 motors, mainly used for fusion and protection of common communications fibers.

FOT6481A Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer is small size optical fiber fusions splicer with 06 motors, mainly used for fusion and protection of common communications fibers. The rich functionality and ultra-low splice loss make the splicer adaptive to fiber splicing in various environments. It is featured with small size, light weight, high reliability, greater environmental adaptability, dust-resistant, water-resistant and shock-resistant. Multiple fusion modes and heating modes are available to meet diversified customers’ demands. Fiber loading becomes more convenient and accurate thanks to the ceramic V-groove of high precision, which is easy for clean and maintenance. The splicer is capable of dual-directional fusion. The monitor is a touch screen delivers fresh designed graphical interfaces, which are simple for operation. The modular pluggable lithium-ion battery of large-capacity ensures long-time field operations. The auto environment compensation system greatly improves adaptability of the splicer to hostile environments, so that low-loss splice can be remained consistent in various environments.

Main Characteristics

 Small size, light weight

 7s fast splicing, 18s highly efficient heating

 320 times image magnification, 5mm fusing for ultra-short cleave length

 300 groups of splice modes, 100 groups of heating modes, 10000 groups of fusion records /64 images storage

 Ceramic presser foot, ceramic V-groove, all-in-one fixture

 Dual-directional fusing, auto fusing, intelligent heat shrink

 USB and SD card interface, auto update of U disk

 Built-in modular lithium-ion battery, at least 220 counts of splicing and heating cycles

 GUI (graphical user interface) and touch screen, convenient for operation

 Dust-resistant, water-resistant, shock-resistant, greater environment adaptability

Small and light

Small size and light weight, the splicer is easy to carry and can be lift by one hand.

Lift by one hand

Water-resistant, dust-resistant, shock-resistant, greater environment adaptability

Meet IP52 requirements.

Water-resistant test                                 Dust-resistant test

All-in-one fixer

The all-in-one fixture meet fusion demands of multiple optical fibers, jumpers and rubber-insulted wires with a cladding diameter of 80~150μm.

All-in-one optical fiber fixture

Graphical interfaces and touch screen  

FOT6481 uses entirely new GUI and touch screen in design. Operators can set up the splicer and get to know relevant information of it simply and directly by graphical interfaces.  

Entirely new GUI graphical interfaces and touch screen

Intelligent heat shrink

A detection unit is embedded in the heater. The heating function will only be enabled when the protection sleeve is put in the heater, to avoid mishandling.

Heat and detection unit

Pluggable lithium-ion battery of large-capacity

The built-in pluggable lithium-ion battery of large capacity can answer working demand lasting all day long (typical 220 counts of splicing and heating cycles).

Ceramic V-groove and ceramic presser foot

Ceramic V-groove with high precision brings you convenient and accurate placement of optical fibers and makes cleanup easy.

Carrying case

The carrying case is novel in design and light in weight, has built-in compact working bench. Open or close the cover can turn it to a working bench.

Typical Applications

FOT6481A Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer is compact equipment deploying the design of ergonomics, which delivers convenient operation and handy carrying case. Event very short fibers can be spliced easily. It’s capable of construction and maintenance of optical fiber line projects (including trunk), emergency repair, production and test of optical fiber devices and research and study in institutes.

Technical Specifications

Model  FOT6481A Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer
Motor qty 6
Alignment method  Core alignment, manual alignment
Applicable fibers Any common optical fibers, rubber-insulated fibers and jumpers that meet    requirements of ITU-TG.651~653, ITU-TG.655 and ITU-TG.657.
Optical fiber diameter Cladding: 80~150μm, coating layer: 0.1~3mm
Cleave length 5~16mm(coated optical fiber diameter≤250μm);10mm(coated optical    fiber diameter:0.25~3mm)
Splice loss(typical)  0.02dB(SMF); 0.01dB(MMF); 0.04dB(DSF); 0.04dB(NZDSF)
Return loss
 Better than 60dB
Splicing time (typical) 
7s (Fast mode)
Heating time (typical)
Protection sleeve
60mm, 40mm and a series of protection sleeves
Graphical display
High-performance 4.3 inch LCD
Magnification time
320 times/88 times
Fusion records 
10000 groups
Remote maintenance 
Battery capacity
 11.1V, 5200mAh
Battery service life Cycle charging
300~500 counts, can be replaced by customers
Electrode service life Typical:
 4000 counts, can be replaced by customers
Construction lighting
 Built-in lights with high-brightness and wide lighting area
Working environment Temp
-10~50℃;Hum: 0~95%RH,height above sea level: 0~6000m
Operation interfaces
 GUI (graphical user interfaces)
External power AC: 
100~240V, 60Hz, 0~1.5A; DC: 10~15V
 120mm(W)×130mm(H)×154mm(D)(without rubber anti-vibration pad)
1.7kg (the battery not included), 2.0kg(included the battery)

Standard Package:

Power cord Standard tri-prong cord: 
1 pc;

Input: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz, 0~1.5A ;

Output: DC13~14V, 0~4.44A

1 pc;
Primary coat stripper
1 pc;
Jacket remover 
1 pc;
Spare electrode
Cooling tray 
1 pc;
Cleanup set
1 pc;
User Manual 
1 pc;
carrying case 
1 pc;
Fiber cleaver      pc