FOT donated to the coronavirus epidemic area


The recent outbreak of a new coronavirus in Hubei has affected the hearts of the people throughout the country. This is not only a battle between the people of Wuhan, but also a war without gunpowder that the people of the whole country have participated in. As a Chinese company, regardless of size, it should stand up and do its part in time.

After the outbreak, the Qingdao municipal government called on local enterprises to actively lend a helping hand. The Australian Kingfisher Group's general manager in China, Qingdao Fibra Opticas Tek Co., Ltd. immediately responded to the call and donated 10,000 yuan in aid through the official channels of the Qingdao Charity Federation. Do your best for frontline medical staff to fight the virus.

Chinese enterprises should be a beam of light for the whole society when the country is in trouble! Come on in Wuhan! Go China!