FOT be Appointed as Official Distributor by Kingfisher

Kingfisher International are specialist designers and manufacturers of precise, accurate handheld fiber optic testers.

Its test equipment is used in all phases of fiber optic manufacture installation and maintenance, across: telecom, datacom, wireless, defense, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, AV, and research.

Fibra Opticas Tek ,being an active distributor of fiber optical tester and equipment in Chinese market, reaches agreement with Kingfiser, and be appointed as its offical distribotr in China, it will get full support regarding Kingfisher product sales& repair.

Kingfisher high quality test equipment and innovative reporting software remain industry leaders on both ROI and flexibility, by lowering overall project cost, and improving customer confidence. Kingfisher instrument failure rate is under 1% a year, and instruments are backed by a 3 – 7 year warranty.  Designed for easy yet flexible operation by moderately skilled installers, our testers are used to install, certify, and assist in the repair of fiber optic systems across all sectors - telecommunications networks, cloud and data-center, defense, vehicular, and aerospace. Kingfisher testers have proven to have an extremely long life.

Fibra Opticas Tek is  confident to get Kingfisher well known and popular in China and satisfy more Chinese customers fiber optical testing needs.