About us

Fibra Opticas Tek is an experienced and faithful distributor to offer China's first class FTTH  and 4G,5G,optical fiber testers,hand tools ,accessories and spare parts.

FOT was founded by a team of professional optical fiber communication sales engineers in 2014. Since its inception we firmly believe that a good cooperation not only means good product, but also an excellent service. FOT achieves a $ 5 million annual sales performance, and makes itself being one of  the top fiber optic measurement equipment and tool suppliers. Among the varied competitors with different class of prices and quality, we make ourselves outstanding  because of our first-class products and services. Currently we have a 5-people team including fiber optical engineers, international logistics operators.Their expertise to give customers a first-class after-sales experience. Our loyal customers include: Huawei, CSS.Telefonica, Movil, and Truemove.